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Welcome to the new SoCal Snorkeling!

Explore this site to learn more about snorkeling in southern California. We have location guides with tide reports, pictures, video, and more. Have fun out there and be safe!

The site is still under construction, but we couldn't wait to start bringing you the best new features!


08-24-2011: Conditions Excellent snorkeling conditions predicted for this weekend! Get out there and snorkel!
08-03-2011: Videos The videos page has been updated to show only videos filmed by SoCal Snorkeling.
07-26-2011: Lover's Cove A location guide has been added for Lover's Cove, Catalina

Snorkeling Tips

  • Wait for the conditions to be right.
  • Relax and keep your head underwater, let the snorkel do the work.
  • Don't hyperventalate. Breathe slow and deep.

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Wildlife Guide

A pelican, is a large water bird with a large throat pouch, belonging to the bird family Pelecanidae.

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Disclaimer: You shall assume all risks associated with snorkeling at any of the locations listed on this website. The articles and forecasts that appear on this site are intended to be for informational purposes only. It is up to you and/or the lifeguards present at the snorkeling locations to make the ultimate decisions regarding your safety. Follow all posted rules at any site that you visit.