Lover's Cove - Avalon, Catalina

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This guide written by: Dustin Meyer

Lover's Cove is a small to medium sized cove on the island of Catalina just off of California's Coast. It is literally a 2 minute walk from the boat landing.

This dive spot offers some great scenery not to mention animals that are very used to people - meaning you can get pretty close to them without them swimming away. Excellent kelp forests as well as a variety of depths make this a pretty sweet spot.

Parking: No parking, get there on foot from Avalon. 2 Minute walk max.
Entry: A small stairway leads from the sidewalk/street to the "beach" (mostly rounded off rocks, no sand).
Facilities: No facilities per se. There is a snorkeling tours trailer at the top that you can rent equipment from if necessary.
Lifeguard: No lifeguard on the beach, there are coastguard boats that come in from time to time to keep people from swimming out too far to where the glass bottom boats pass by.


This spot is a great spot for beginning snorkelers and advanced snorkelers alike. For the beginners it's great because you don't have to swim too far from shore to have a great experience. The fish are also very used to people, and there are a lot of them.

The fact that this is an east facing cove/beach also means that the main pacific swells are not hitting the beach directly, meaning much smaller waves and better visibility.

For the more advanced snorkelers or those who feel comfortable in the water, this location is great because of the expansive kelp forests that go from the shallows all the way out into the depths. You can hold you breath and dive right down into the midst, and really get in there to get a feel for the habitat.

Some things to note about this location: 1) there is no scuba diving allowed, snorkeling only. 2) This is that same area that a lot of the glass bottom boats tour (a little further out than most people tend to swim while snorkeling), but you do need to stay somewhat alert to make sure you don't get in the way of a boat. Usually there will be a small coastguard boat that comes by right beforehand to let you know where to be. 3) The "beach" is really just a bunch of rocks, so definitely plan on wearing your fins from the get-go and doing a backwards shuffle into the water.

Getting There

You'll have to take one of the boats from the mainland to Avalon to get to this snorkeling location. I'll provide a link soon.

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There is no parking information for this site, because there is no parking at all, and you almost certainly won't have a car! Some people do rent golf carts on the island, but I don't recall you being able to park anywhere near the cove.


Condition information for this site coming soon.
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