Lover's Cove - Avalon, Catalina

Lover's Cove is a medium size crescent shaped cove right near the main Avalon harbor at the island of Catalina. Great wildlife viewing here. It's right near where the glass bottom boats tour.

Shaw's Cove - Laguna Beach

Shaw's Cove is a great little beach for snorkeling. Rocky features and well as kelp forests further out. I recommend going at high tide.

Diver's Cove - Laguna Beach

Diver's cove is a nice small little beach for snorkeling. plenty of rocky features, and open area. Frequent scuba divers here.

Fisherman's Cove - Laguna Beach

Another great small little cover. Plenty of plant and animals right next to the shore where it's not too deep either. Nice beginner location.

Crescent Bay - Laguna Beach

A medium sized beach for snorkeling. Great rocky features near shore and deeper features as you go out. Tidepools as well if you wish to stay at shore.

La Jolla Cove - La Jolla

La Jolla Cove is one of the premiere SoCal locations when it comes to snorkeling. The fish are very used to people, and not to mention the caves which are just around the corner!

Sand Harbor - Lake Tahoe

A great non-SoCal freshwater snorkeling location in Lake Tahoe, CA!
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